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Our Building

The building that stands in Chapelfields today has been a relatively recent addition to the area. With the early Tin Tabernacle threatening to collapse, and numbers attending communion services exceeding its capacity, a new building was needed by the beginning of the 20th Century. After a number of refused designs, Herbert Jackson was brought on to the project in 1931, who produced the final design and is recognisable in the building that stands today.


Early designs in a gothic, castle-like style had been refused by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England. Herbert Jackson's new design featured a more modern, Romanesque-style building with Byzantine details, which easily gained approval for building works to commence. An expensive venture, various sources of income were required to secure the building's completion, including donations and funding grants. In 1932, this was especially difficult, in the midst of the Great Depression, and a number of elements from the final design were sacrificed - the tower and the belfry at St Mary Magdalen were never completed. The building was completed and St Mary Magdalen Church was consecrated on 21st April 1934.

Want to know more?

The information available on this page is only a brief overview of the history of our building. If you would like something more extensive, please access the downloadable PDF document linked below.

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